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Our Story

For 20+ years, I have played with color and textures and combined them so that they complement each other. To complement I mean: A thing that completes or brings to perfection. I study jewelry from around the world and have traveled to many countries to understand the importance of adornment. I study color theory and push it to its limits. I play!

Don’Kay Designs founded by Kathleen McCabe-Elsey
Kathleen, founder of Don’Kay Designs, brings forth her handmade jewelry designs inspired by the many different cultures and people she had unique privilege meeting in her travels around the world throughout her 24 years of crafting and designing her jewelry.

Always seeking knowledge and learning new skills in her travels, Mrs. McCabe-Elsey has combined her knowledge, skills and background of the many different beads which are reflective of each and every piece she makes, giving each and every piece a story and why Don’Kay Designs pieces are limited editions and/or one of kind pieces of art to wear.

Like purchasing art, in owing a Don’Kay Designs piece, the customer can take great satisfaction in the fact that they just purchased something few (or no other) people have, rather than the experience of purchasing just another manufactured piece of jewelry.

What separates artists is that they have their own unique style. Not only does Don’Kay Designs have its own style, it also has its own special craftsmanship — something that can be lost on the customer when purchasing jewelry. With over 23 years of repairing jewelry — even some of the most recognizable of brands. — Kathleen has combined this knowledge in her designs, using uncommon materials to withstand most of the normal wear and tear of wearing jewelry. That’s something else customers can take comfort in.