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What are we all about at Don’Kay Designs?

Don’Kay Designs is designed to be a customer-driven company. This is most evident in the content of our online catalog and other web site features. Many of the items you see on www.dkdjewellry.com came about from specific customer requests. So tell us what you need via email and let us shop for you!

May I receive a Don’Kay Designs catalog?

We do not have a printed catalog. Although not everything we sell in our store is visible through the web-site, you may submit inquiries as to other products available. Or suggestions as to what other products you would like to see available through our web-site.

What do we do to ensure your order is accurate?

We’re proud of our results in filling your order accurately. At least two people quality check your order for accuracy and bead quality. We cannot eliminate errors completely, but we’ll always take care of any errors promptly. Please check all packaging carefully before discarding anything, and call us immediately if something is missing.

How do we handle back-orders?

We do not take back-orders. Our online system is designed to notify you of most out of stock conditions as you place your order. Infrequently, you may see the quantity shipped field updated when your order ships. You will not be charged for any out of stock items, and you can simply reorder when it’s back in stock. We are continually working to minimize the number of out of stock situations. Always check Order Status online to see your up to date invoice with quantity reductions, if any, noted.

How do I find something I’m looking for on your web site?

If you are looking for something specific, try our search engine located on the top left of any of our web site pages. If you still don’t find what you want, email or call us and we will let you know if we can get the item for you.

How do I contact Don’Kay Designs?

Call us toll free at 1-650-967-7556. For questions or changes regarding your order, you can email the order team directly at info@dkdjewellry.com. For new item requests and general questions or comments, email us at info@dkdjewellry.com.

What are Cookies and what are your policies regarding them?

A cookie is a small piece of information a Web server sends to your Web browser when you look at a Web page. A cookie file is the place on your computer’s hard disk drive where the browser stores the cookies. Cookies allow you to save your passwords, purchases, and preferences. For your protection, we never store any of you secure, personal information using cookies. However, we do use cookies to store shopping cart items so you can finish shopping at a later time without losing any information. For this reason, you need to have cookies enabled to shop online. Here’s how to do this with Internet Explorer 6.0 (other browsers should be similar): go to Tools/Internet Options and click the Privacy tab. For best results, set the privacy setting to Medium. If it is set to ‘Block all Cookies’ the shopping cart will not work.

Do you have a physical store? What are your store hours?

Yes, Global Beads, Inc. is a chosen Distributor of Don’Kay Designs Collection in Mountain View. If you’re in the area, visit us at 345 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA.

Why am I not getting all of the usual shipping options?

Occasionally, the UPS web server that calculates postage rates is down. When this happens, you will only see Priority Mail or UPS Ground as shipping options. This is usually a temporary problem. If this happens and you want another UPS shipping option, just specify it in the Special Instructions and we will manually adjust the shipping charge.

I live in the Mountain View area … should I place my order online or come in the store?

Your choice. Many of our local customers choose to place their order online with a note in the Special Instructions that they will pick it up in the store. Doing so will save you shipping charges.

What payment options and minimums do you have?

Global Beads accepts MC, Visa, Discover  credit cards, and money orders.

Are my online credit card orders secure?

Yes. We use secure SSL to process your order and our company has a digital certificate issued by VeriSign, all of which means no one will see your credit card that is not supposed to. Further, we do not store your credit card information permanently on the site, print it on your invoices, or even display it in our back office software used by our order fulfillment team. However, if you are still uncomfortable with using your credit card online, you may email your order. See the Company tab for address and phone number.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Click on the Shipping Policy button for a complete explanation. Please don’t order without reading the shipping policy (it is also displayed as you are finalizing your order). For UPS ground you can go to www.ups.com and see their delivery time map. Enter 94041 as the origin zip code. Remember, you can track your shipment online by clicking on Order Status.

Do you sell Internationally?
Yes, although special shipping may be required..

What are the birthstones for each month?

January: Garnet or Rose Quartz February: Amethyst or Onyx March: Aquamarine or Bloodstone April: Diamond or Rock Crystal (Quartz) May: Emerald or Chrysoprase June: Alexadrite or Moonstone or Pearl July: Ruby or Carnelian August: Peridot or Sardonyx September: Sapphire or Lapis October: Opal or Tourmaline November: Topaz or Citrine December: Zircon or Turquoise

Do you sell to the general public?

A: Yes

What payment methods do you Accept?

A: We accept MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and Visa Check Cards.

How safe is to use my credit card on the Internet?

A: Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

I do not feel safe giving my credit card over the Internet. Can I place my order on hold and send you my credit card information by phone?

A: My website uses the highest standards of encryption software for internet security. If you still do not wish to submit your credit card information through our secure site, please e-mail your order to us with a list of item numbers, description and prices. In your e-mail, please let us know how you would like us to obtain your payment information.

Why I can’t find an item that I had seen before?

A: If you can’t find a particular item that you had seen before in this website, that means it is either temporarily out of stock or discontinued. Note that many of our designs are limited or 1 of only. Please try to find a substitute that match the best, or let us know and we may be able to design a similar piece.

Are your beads treated?

A: Yes, with close to 99% of the more popular gem types treated. As the majority of gemstones traded internationally have undergone some form of treatment, always assume treatment when purchasing gemstones. In fact, some techniques such as heating are centuries old – in all likelihood your grandmother’s ruby ring has been heat-treated!

Why are gemstone treated?

A: Most commonly to improve the color or appearance of the finished product, some gemstones simply would not exist in salable quantities without treatment. For example, heating greenish brown Zoisite to 600 degrees Celsius produces the currently popular vibrant violet-blue Tanzanite. No heating, no Tanzanite!

What grade are your beads?

A: Although I see beads graded A/B/C etc. I can find no common method for doing this. If the wholesaler gives me a grade I use it, otherwise I try to let the Image speak for itself.